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About Melissa England

Melissa England writes (and speaks) the way she lives; with refreshing candor, authenticity, and an intensity that those looking to hide from their truths might find hard to handle, but those looking for truth will find inspiring. She embodies the belief that those who come through especially challenging times can emerge with an ability to cut right to the core of an issue and give voice to what others are afraid to say. Further, she does this with compassion, humor and a writer's flair for the well-chosen phrase. If you read to be moved, You will love her writing.

Bill Crawford, Ph.D.
author of All Stressed Up & Nowhere To Go! and From Chaos to Calm



  • Developed and taught high school classes on domestic violence Completed advanced training and taught at the Center for Attitudinal Healing

  • Developed and taught classes for the Teachers Listening to Children Training Center Spokesperson for the Teachers Listening to Children Training center

  • Participated in Visited Nurses Hospice as a patient liaison.

  • Developed and presented seminars on the "Joys of Being Single"

  • Created a daily column for an on-line newspaper called Melissa's Diary Co-authored and presented a series of seminars on dealing with past hurts, with Dr. Bill Crawford

  • Have written a series of articles on the elderly, entitled "What does Love look like?" Created and presented a series of seminars entitled "What's Fun About Getting Old?"

  • Developed and facilitated a peer level support group for adult survivors of sexual abuse Participated and wrote about children dealing with catastrophic illnesses Was a guest on the Oprah Winfrey show Frequently published in the "Among Friends" section of the Houston Chronicle

  • Author of a regular column in Single File  magazine


Graduated in 1973 from the University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee with a Bachelor of Science in Education
     Major:  Communication
     Minor:  Sociology

What They Are Saying...

It started in the morgue when you were talking to Dan and continued until I finished the book. It was as if I was watching everything happen right in front of me. It was so real.The reader will love and hate Dan at the same time. And you, they are going to want to take home and care for you and at the same time will revel in your strength and fortitude. The other people in the book and the amazingness of people's cruelty hurts to read about. But at the same moment, I did not want to stop reading. The first part of the book is the hardest to get through. I felt helpless. Then as you get stronger it is almost as if I am feeling stronger. People are going to connect even if they have not had tragedy. And the people that have had tragedy will be so happy that they can feel connected to someone else who has had similar and lived to tell the tale and be happy. Congratulations on telling your amazing story so beautifully. Thank you for sharing it!!!
—Jennifer B.

Melissa England writes with her pen the way a surgeon uses a surgical knife to cut out disease. She plunges into the depths of our dis-ease that we weren't even fully conscious of until her precision hits the mark. Then, with great skill, she offers hope for the removal of our blindness and deliverance from the abyss of not knowing or not naming. She uses her words to name and speak to the things the rest of us have no words for. She frees the mind, frees the soul. Her words liberate, educate and make you giggle from the bottom of your belly. This is a writer who can tell the story and break the lock while she is doing it. A must read for anyone seeking a higher place of knowing. She is a seer and she is a sayer. And, then she puts it all magically to print. She is all of our voices.
—Dr. M. Grimland, phsychologist

I read your story, I didn't cry, I was too stunned. Dear God, your have been through so much, you are truly a miracle. Your story touched me, and horrified me, those kind of things you must have endured, should never happen, I am so sorry. I'm glad you can write so beautifully, that's your gift, I pray that your life will be filled with happiness and the love you deserve, thank God you survived to become such a beautiful, loving and whole woman.
—Wynell W.

I want to thank you for the wonderful work of writing you did regarding your son and his marathon. For so many years I have been running alone and find that doing so, my mind is clear, my thoughts of my dysfunctional family appear to be nondysfunctional, and most of all I find myself at peace with myself. The inspiration you have with your son and that he has with you is what my wishes are. I am in the process of turning around my relationship with my mother, which has never been bad, but very distant and without love. My goal for next year is to complete the marathon and I will have my mother at the finish line when I cross it. I look forward to 364 days from today and e-mailing you of how my relationship with my mother is the best it has ever been. Thanks again!
—Mike G.


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